What’s Your Parenting Style?

What’s Your Parenting Style?

What’s Your Parenting Style?
A Quiz to Help You Understand your Methods!


Moms have an important role. After all, raising a child is no walk in the park. According to theorists, there are many different ways a child can be parented. Ever wonder what kind of approach you take? Participate in this short quiz to find out!

1. What Saturday afternoon sounds most like your own?                                            

A.  Hanging out at the house, allowing for playdates, a family cooked dinner and post-dinner walk.                                                                                                      

B.  You eat dinner at your “usual” restaurant and come home to watch a movie-that is the routine.                                                                                                      

C.  You have no idea-you do whatever the kids tell you they want to do.


     2.  When your child brings home a “B” on their test, you:        

    A.  Praise them, but offer guidance so they can bring their grade up to an “A” next time.

    B.  Punish them-they should get nothing less than 100%            

    C.  You give them a high five-you had no idea they had a test to take!


     3.  What chores does your hypothetical 8 year old child complete regularly?              

    A.  Feeding the pets, making their beds, and cleaning their room                            

    B.  Anything you tell them to do-garbage, toilets, you name it!                                

    C.  I don’t believe children should have any chores to complete


    4.  You overhear your child telling their sibling that they “hate” them. You:                  

    A.  Hold a family meeting to help sort things out.                                                    

    B.  You make your child write a letter of apology and ground them for a week.      

    C.  You do nothing-let the kids sort it out themselves


    5.  What kind of pre-school do you favor?                                                                    

    A.  Montessori style-kids need to learn through guidance and exploration.              

    B.  A strict, rigorous program that mimics Kindergarten’s every move.                    

    C.  Why would you send your child to preschool when they will be going to real school in a year?



    Mostly A’s

    If you chose mostly A’s, your parenting style is Authoritative. This means you believe in discipline, however also offering freedom of choice. You are open to discussions, logical consequences, are warm, supportive, but firm so your child understands they need to follow boundaries and guidelines you set for them.


    Mostly B’s

    If you chose mostly B’s, your parenting style is Authoritarian. This means you believe in discipline but are not open to having conversations that offer choice-whatever you say goes! You think children learn best by having a rigid schedule and you tend to fall into the conservative category.

    Mostly C’s

    If you chose mostly C’s, your parenting style is Permissive. This means you often indulge your child and you feel that all members of the family are equal. You are very warm, responsive, and caring; but you rarely discipline your kiddo so they don’t get upset or feel restricted in any way.


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