5 Tips to Gear Up For Spring Training

5 Tips to Gear Up For Spring Training

5 Tips to Gear Up For Spring Training

Spring Training starts soon. How else are you going to get your post-baby bod back in tip top shape? If you aren’t super excited (trust me, I’d much rather have a Netflix binge), hopefully these tips will help motivate you to look awesome and feel great-after all, soon you’ll be trading in those yoga pants and tunics for shorts, tanks, and swim suits. Read on, and rev up!

  1. Start Stretching

If you’ve gone into hibernation mode during winter months, your body won’t be used to physical conditioning and strength training. So, start to stretch daily. Stretching not only helps ease your joints, but it eases your mind as well. Once you’ve stretched every day for a few weeks upon awakening and turning in for the night; consider advancing on to some yoga moves!


  1. Trade Your Cocktails for Water

Who doesn’t love a big swig of wine when the kids go to sleep? While it may relieve stress, your drink isn’t doing much for your fitness regimen and upcoming spring training routine. It takes about 2 weeks to truly break a habit. So, deprive yourself of that beverage and reach for water instead. You’re bound to gain more energy, which will make you want to work out, and you’ll feel refreshed and free of toxins. Consider tossing some limes into ice water and pretending you’re enjoying a gin and tonic. The mind is a powerful thing!


  1. Balance Your Carbs

You certainly need to consume carbs before enduring a workout. You’ll have lots more energy and will be able to power through your run or spin session. However, eating a huge bowl of pasta (before or after a sweat session) isn’t going to make you feel great, and it won’t do much for your waist line. So, start to limit your meals to smaller amounts of carbs-you’ll be amazed at how much weight starts to fall off once your training begins.


  1. Invest in New Kicks

If you’re pulling out your sneakers from last year to go for a jog, it’s time to invest in a new pair of kicks. You need lots of support and a new pair of shoes will actually motivate you to get active. If you’ve never taken the time to get measured by a pro, start now. They can recommend the perfect pair of shoes based on your foot structure, your level of activity, and your fitness goals!


  1. Shop for Some Cute Workout Clothes-Obviously!

Nothing is more motivating than having a drawer full of fun, new, and fashionable fitness gear. Start off by wearing some loose fitting t’s and tanks; and then amp things up a bit by wearing more form fitting outfits. Moisture wicking material is ideal to keep you cool but also smelling fresher; and a top with a sassy slogan is always appropriate and attention getting!


Ready, set, train! Ensure your spring training is a success by following these easy and achievable spring training tips.

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