5 Simple Solutions to Looking Slimmer in Your Work Out Clothes

5 Simple Solutions to Looking Slimmer in Your Work Out Clothes
I work out for two reasons. One, I want to be in great health so I can ensure I am around a long time for my son. And, two; I want to look great (after all, swim season is right around the corner)! I don’t know about you, but as I’m working on trimming down, I like to wear workout clothes that boost my confidence a bit. These workout clothes trick the eye and help you look super slim as you hit the gym. If you want to look thinner as you literally become thinner; then work out wearing the following items!
1. Lattice Work Pants
Looking slimmer involves creating an illusion sometimes. It’s all about drawing the eye to the smallest part of your figure. And, for most; the ankle is a trim part of your body. I found that wearing lattice work around your ankle to your mid-thigh helps you look smaller, because the eye immediately gravitates toward the intricate design, rather than focusing on your mid-section!
2. Control Top Pants
After I had my son, I lived in yoga pants. But, the last thing I wanted to do was be seen in public wearing them. My mid-section didn’t “trim down” yet, so I had to get a little creative while working out. I found the basic black stretchy pants that boast a control top panel (much like stockings) held me in perfectly and made me feel completely confident on my walks and runs!
3. Create a Distraction
I love wearing work out tops that have sayings on them. It draws the eye upward toward your neck, bust, and décolletage; and away from your mid-section and bottom half. I also found that yoga tops with shoulder cut outs also do the trick, as does a peek-a-boo back. It’s all about forming a firm focal point!
4. A “Splash” of Pattern
I love the look of bright and colorful, wildly printed pants for exercise purposes. I mean, what else can kick your energy up a notch and boost your mood?  However, as I was on my quest to getting fit, that style of pants did not love me. In fact, they made me look a lot larger than I was. I found that I could still wear something fun and funky, but in a more subdued style. Opt for a solid color pant that boasts a pattern that is strategically placed to help slim you down. I love prints that start in a thin strip at my hip and climb down my thigh diagonally toward my knee. It literally looks like the pattern is making your lower half smaller in seconds! 
5. Skip Spaghetti Strap
OK, I get it. You get hot when you work out. But, spaghetti straps aren’t flattering for a number of reasons. Opt to wear a cut-off tank, or something with thicker straps. I find that a high halter neck cut is extremely flattering because the eye is moved up toward your neck and all the emphasis isn’t blatantly put on your biceps.
Having the willingness to work out is important! So, when you look good, you’ll feel good about burning some serious calories. Consider trying these five simple solutions to looking slimmer, on your way to becoming slimmer!

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