5 Reasons to Get Out of Your House and Go Running

5 Reasons to Get Out of Your House and Go Running

5 Reasons to Get Out of Your House and Go Running

Moms barely have time to brush their hair, let alone go for a run. But, as a mom myself; let me tell you that I try to make time to get out of my house and go running whenever possible (even if it’s literally for a five minute jog around the block). You may be reading this and frowning. After all, the last thing you probably want to do with your free time is become more tired. But, I promise you that if you go running you’ll feel so much better. Here are five reasons to slide on your running shoes and hit the pavement-like now!

Reason 1-It’s Dad’s Turn for Chaos

I like to let my husband get a glimpse of what I deal with on a daily basis. Let’s face it-moms take on the brunt of parenting-especially when your kids are babies and toddlers. So, I love handing my son over to my husband (especially when he’s cranky or it’s time to serve him a healthy meal), and jog to the thought of my husband in a full panic while my toddler tantrums. 

Reason 2-You Can Promote Your Pretty Work Out Clothes

You know those exercise shirts with sassy sayings? I have a ton of them. And, when I wear one when I run; it helps me put a little more pep in my step. I mean, who wouldn’t feel fabulous wearing something fashionable? Running is an excuse to boast your keen style sense!

Reason 3-You Can Live Out Some of Your Fantasies

Sometimes, to motivate myself to run and run hard; I live out my fantasy of running away. Be honest-on some very bad parenting days, we all want to pack a bag, hop in the car, and never look back. Well, when you run, you can literally pretend that is what you’re doing (and trust me, I don’t think I ever ran so fast in my life some days).

Reason 4-You’re One Step Closer to Your Pre-Baby Clothes

When I first had my son, I used to stare obsessively at my pre-baby clothes, vowing to get back in them someday. Running and other cardio sweat sessions help you reach your goals quickly. After all, who has time or money to go out and get a new wardrobe?

Reason 5-You Can Listen to Inappropriate Music

When you run, you can listen to all the music you want that boasts inappropriate behavior and profane language. You don’t have to deal with nursery rhymes, the ABC’s, or the monotony of counting. I swear, sometimes a little gangster rap does a mommy some good!

So, have I convinced you yet to get on your cutest workout gear and run? You deserve to have time to yourself to recharge, de-stress, and transform your body and mind so you can be the best mom possible!

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